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Notice: The purpose of this internet site is to give patients, caregivers, and health care professionals access to information regarding high quality, evidence-based standards of care for the patients with wounds and/or ostomies.

iWOC Nursing Foundation is a nursing service.  This website was designed by Rhonda Sullivan PhD, RN, CWON, LNCC for educational use by patients, caregivers, and health care professionals.  The information provided in this site is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease.  It does not represent a legal or expert opinion nor is it intended to represent any standard of care.  Consequently, the information provided by iWOC Nursing Foundation should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your primary physician/s. The information provided should never be initiated without consultation with and approval by the overseeing physician or equivalent health care practitioner.  The information provided is intended to be used solely as an educational resource and source of information by which the patient, caregiver, or health care professional can consult with their primary care physician.

iWOC Nursing Foundation disclaims any liability, loss, injury, or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, to the use and application of any of the contents of this resource. Neither iWOC Nursing Foundation nor its affiliates or associates make any guarantee, express or implied, of the quality, fitness, performance, or results of use of the information, products, or services found within this resource.


iWOC Nursing Foundation subscribes to the highest standards of ethics. By submitting information to this website, the contributor confirms that they have received appropriate consent to the disclosure of that information to a third party, iWOC Nursing Foundation.  The contributor also confirms that he/she owns the copyright of the images and/or that they have obtained consent from the patient for the submission of the image/s. Any violation of these rules may result in a ban from further use of the iWOC Nursing Foundation’s website and/or removal of previously submitted information and images as decided by iWOC Nursing Foundation’s editor.

Confidentiality of data relating to individual patients and visitors to a medical/health website, including their identity, is respected by this website. The website’s editor undertakes to honor or exceed the legal requirements of health information privacy. To that affect, no personal identifying information is required for access to and the utilization of iWOC Nursing Foundation services.

iWOC Nursing Foundation resources and associated links are placed as a public service by the editor for the convenience of the individual internet user and may be withdrawn for any reason at any time without notification. Some of the links presented here contain information of a commercial nature. Their inclusion here implies no endorsement.


Submissions to iWOC Nursing Foundation’s website require consent from the patient or his/her legal guardian. Contributors are solely responsible for obtaining consent. iWOC Nursing Foundation is not responsible for the failure of a contributor to obtain consent. By submitting an image to this collection contributors agree that:

  1. They have received appropriate consent from the patient or his/her legal guardian
  2. They own the copyright to the image.
  3. Materials submitted to the website are copyrighted jointly by iWOC Nursing Foundation and the contributing author/s.
  4. The information and image/s submitted to the website may be utilized for the promotion of iWOC Nursing Foundation’s mission of improving the quality of care for patients with wound and/or ostomies.


iWOC Nursing Foundation resources may not be sold or redistributed for profit in any way without express written permission of the owner. This includes, but is not limited to, translations into foreign languages, mass archives, and/or inclusion in any commercially-published compilations. Re-distribution in electronic format also requires the owner’s consent. iWOC Nursing Foundation does not permit the use of submitted information on other websites without the owner’s and contributor’s consent.

iWOC Nursing Foundation does, however, allow duplication of these documents for personal use with respect to the following regulations:

  1. The information remains wholly unedited and unmodified or it is modified only for teaching purposes.
  2. No fee or compensation is charged for copies of or access to the information.
  3. Copyright notices and the accompanying disclaimers remain attached and credit is given to iWOC Nursing Foundation (Suggested format: © iWOC Nursing Foundation: http://www.iwocnurse.org).

On rare occasions, iWOC Nursing Foundation will consent to replication of images in scientific and educational publications. Consent is bound to the conditions that the copyright for the images remains solely with iWOC Nursing Foundation and that the source of the image including the URL is published in conjunction with the images. Any requests for image use must be directed to Rhonda Sullivan via iWOC Nursing Foundation.

Privacy Policy

iWOC Nursing Foundation strives to protect the privacy of all users. Access to contributed information and images will be limited to Rhonda Sullivan, the Foundation’s owner and editor and/or iWOC Nursing Foundation employees as necessary to meet the client’s individual needs.  Data is not shared with any outside party. Any information submitted by users is deleted within 90 days. This site honors the privacy rules of health information as defined in HIPAA regulations.

Protections are in place to prevent undesired use for this website. Site traffic is determined by the use of Google Analytics. Neither stored searches, nor IP addresses, and cookies are used for any other tasks than outlined above.


The iWOC Foundation has received absolutely no financial support from any company, organization, or provider and is funded solely by its owner, Rhonda Sullivan.  Please consider donating to our cause so that we can continue providing this valuable service.

Thank you for using iWOC Nursing Foundation services.

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